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Purple poster with white silhouettes of diverse people and the text "Living Our Best Life, June 6, 2019" at the top and "Thank you." at the bottom.

You Helped Raise $376,509 At The Living Our Best Life Fundraising Dinner

Thank you for helping to raise


 at Marbridge’s Living Our Best Life fundraising dinner.

View photos from the event.


Funding to help each resident THRIVE through individualized care, Training & Education, vocational support, life enrichment, and benevolent care

 Annual summer camp opportunities that provide families with more knowledge about living at Marbridge along with respite

 Employment training and support opportunities on-campus and in the Austin area to more than 100 residents

 Opportunities for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities to LEARN, EXPERIENCE, and ACHIEVE

Didn’t get a chance to donate at the event? Make a donation today.