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Make an investment to help individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities.

The success of our residents depends on your support. Whether you decide to get involved through a donation, volunteering, or by joining us at one of our events, you’re helping our residents to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life.

Your monetary donation helps to provide assistance to long-term residents who have outlived family resources, keep admission costs lower by helping to cover the gap between what it costs for us to provide for a resident and what we charge, and ensure the long-term future of Marbridge by allowing us to meet our growing needs while remaining sustainable.

From companionship to horticulture therapy, we have a place for you. An hour of your time is a gift we welcome, and longer term commitments are available too.  When you share your time and talent with Marbridge resident, you make their lives a better place —and yours too.  And we’d be very surprised if you didn’t have fun in the process!

In-kind donations help provide our residents with items for their basic needs and allows continued education and training through our programs. From clothing and household items to  art supplies and cleaning equipment, any in-kind gift will make a difference for our residents.


Our mission is made possible because of you. Giving your money, time, and resources to Marbridge allows the individuals who call Marbridge home the ability to reach their maximum potential. Because of you, residents enjoy the personal satisfaction of being as independent as possible, overcoming individual challenges, and making a meaningful contribution to the Marbridge and Austin communities.