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Our Mission

Marbridge is a non-profit residential community that offers transitional and lifetime care to adults with a wide range of cognitive disabilities and — through compassion and faith — provides them opportunities to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life.

Our History

In 1953, Ed and Marge Bridges founded Marbridge in an effort to create safe residential care for their son, Jim, and other adults with cognitive disabilities. From the beginning, Marbridge charted a dramatically different course compared to the institutions of the day.

The first established community, The Ranch, offered training based on the philosophy that adults with developmental disabilities can learn skills that enable them to become contributing members of the community. Gifts of land in the 1980s expanded the campus to include Mabee Village (now known simply as The Village), a semi-independent community, and The Villa Skilled Nursing Center to broaden the scope of residents that Marbridge could serve. 

Today, more 275 adult residents live and work on the Marbridge campus where adults with intellectual disabilities are given unparalleled opportunities to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life.

Our Core Values

Nothing comes before the safety of Marbridge residents. Marbridge staff make it their personal responsibility to know safety policies and reinforce positive, safe behaviors.
Emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual well-being are addressed on a daily basis to promote independence, self-awareness, and looking at how all services can provide wholistic support.

Everyone deserves to be happy. That’s why Marbridge residents are encouraged to pursue safe and appropriate interests that add happiness to their lives.
Residents at Marbridge pursue various educational opportunities to learn new skills that will enable them to reach the highest level of independence possible.
Marbridge provides a wide range of social, employment, and leisure activities where residents may practice new skills and make new discoveries about their individual capabilities and potential.
All residents are encouraged to pursue their goals. Marbridge consciously searches for new methods, programs, training, and physical facilities that will enhance the success of adults with cognitive challenges who live at Marbridge.

A woman hugging a man wearing a baseball cap.
Ed and Marge Bridges seated together at a desk in an office.
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