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At Marbridge, we believe care is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we work with each resident and their family to develop an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for each of our residents to focus on their specific skills, abilities, and goals. The IPP is unique to each resident, and it is reevaluated yearly by the resident, family, and staff. Each resident works with staff to identify and define strengths and areas for improvement. The staff then assists the resident in developing specific goals and milestones to be met in a specific time period. Each resident is assigned a primary resident trainer to work with them one-on-one to meet goals, overcome challenges, and track their progress.

Individual Program Plan

Each resident’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) is unique to them and encompasses a wide range of activities and goals. An IPP can encompass training & education, vocational support, and life enrichment.

Marbridge offers more than 150 different training & education opportunities each week in a semester-based program. From money management & academic skills to art & horticulture, we have a variety of options for our residents to choose from that fits their Individual Program Plan.

Many of our residents desire employment as a life goal. Marbridge offers a job skills training class to prepare for both on-campus & off-campus employment. We have two full-time employment coordinators on staff to offer assistance to any employed residents.

Whether residents want to play sports, go to the movies or lunch, or even just stay on campus and participate in the activities we offer here, we encourage all of our residents to use their leisure time to improve their overall health and enjoyment of life