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A panoramic view of the Sensorium.

At The Villa, it’s important to explore innovative ways for nonverbal, cognitively challenged individuals to engage with their environments. The Sensorium is a multi-sensory integration room with specific equipment and therapy activities to benefit sensory processing difficulties.

Elements of the Sensorium include:

  • Visual stimulation – bubble columns and LED light ropes that change color on demand
  • Olfactory stimulation – an aromatherapy station
  • Auditory stimulation – classical background music with bubble walls blowing in tempo
  • Tactile stimulation – a massage mat calms individuals while tactile stations stimulate touch senses

The Marbridge Sensorium is one of the largest multi-sensory integration rooms in the U.S. It provides therapy options for relieving stress & anxiety without medications, as well as increased enrichment options for all Villa residents.

A close-up of a smiling woman in the Sensorium.