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Miracles happen at Marbridge. Leave your legacy today.

Marbridge has helped residents learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life since 1953. We’re able to deliver the level of care and continue to build upon it thanks to the amazing support we’ve had for seven decades. Donating to greatest need ensure the long-term future of Marbridge by allowing us to meet our growing needs while remaining sustainable.

Marbridge has a unique population. Unique in the sense that we care for adults with a variety of cognitive and developmental disabilities, but also unique in the tenure of the residents. Over a dozen residents on campus have lived and thrived and Marbridge for over 50 years. Those residents have seen the vast change to campus since it started in 1953 and have stories they share. Some of those residents also have seen family members and loved ones pass.

If a loved one or guardian passes and is no longer able to assist with their loved one’s tuition, Marbridge’s Benevolent Care goes into action to ensure that resident will remain living the life they’ve been living since they moved to campus. Benevolent Care offsets the cost of tuition and allows a resident to continue to excel, but doesn’t take away from their daily life.

The Marbridge Miracle Society is a dedicated group of friends and supporters with a heart for our mission to provide transitional and lifetime care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Miracle Society members help ensure sustainability for the Marbridge community.

To join our Miracle Society, contact Becca McPherson, Vice President of Development, at [email protected]; 512.735.2716. To make a donation by mail, please complete this form and mail to Marbridge Foundation, P.O. Box 2250, Manchaca, Texas  78652.

In 2023, Marbridge opened the Creed Ford III Therapeutic Riding Ranch. This new 43,0000 sq ft arena allows our residents to participate in equine therapy year round without issues from weather, mobility, and exposure to the elements. The new arena allows for more residents to participate and for each community to be involved.

Your continued support of the equine program allows Marbridge to fulfill items still needed to support the equine program, help residents with safety, and allow team members to help more riders.

Supporting a community directly helps residents and staff tremendously. This ensures our residents are living their best lives and allows for team members to continue to give amazing care for their community.

Your support to each community also keeps admission costs lower by helping to cover the gap between what it costs for us to provide for a resident and what we charge.