What is the Marbridge Miracle Society?

The Marbridge Miracle Society is a dedicated group of friends and supporters with a heart for our mission;  to provide transitional and lifetime care for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Miracle Society Members help to ensure sustainability for the Marbridge community and Life Options Program. The cost to provide care for each resident at Marbridge exceeds what we charge a resident to live here. In order to offer an affordable option for families with a loved one with special needs, we strive to fill this gap in variety of ways. Our Miracle Society Members commit to supporting Marbridge financially for a specific amount of time with options starting at $1,000/year for five years.

There are three levels of membership within the Miracle Society:

  • LEARN – $1,000 gift per year for 5 years
  • EXPERIENCE – $10,000 gift per year for 5 years
  • ACHIEVE – $25,000 gift per year for 5 years

Miracles happen at Marbridge every day.  Your Miracle Society Membership will ensure that Marbridge can:

  • Provide assistance to long-term residents who have outlived family resources and could otherwise face leaving the only home they have ever known.
  • Keep admission costs lower by helping to cover the gap between what it costs for us to provide for a resident and what we charge.
  • Ensure the long-term future of Marbridge by allowing us to meet our growing needs while remaining sustainable.

To join our Miracle Society, contact Laurie Annear, or call 512-282-1144 x 1005.  To make a payment on your annual Miracle Society pledge, click here.

March, 2017, Marbridge welcomes Miracle Society Members to a Texas style appreciation dinner at Uncle Julios.