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Based on a resident’s Individual Program Plan, they might consider seeking employment. The Marbridge job skills class is a key component of our structured training program where potential candidates are considered for employment both on and off campus. The class is designed to teach general skills needed to be independent in the competitive employment environment. Residents will be instructed on the importance of proper job etiquette, functional communication, conflict resolution, time management, and problem solving.

Residents must be independent in their abilities and be able to maintain employment with minimal assistance from Employment Coordinators – we do not provide job coaches that accompany residents to their jobs beyond their first few days of work.

Once a resident has completed job skills training, they are eligible for either an on-campus or off-campus job – all employees both on- and off-campus are paid for their work.

On-Campus Employment

Most residents with limited work experience are required to successfully complete the jobs skills program and secure on-campus employment before they are considered for jobs in the community. This gives each individual an opportunity to gain work experience that will help them to be more successful in off-campus employment.

On-campus opportunities may include landscaping/facilities staff, administrative support, kitchen staff, laundry aides, stable/barn assistants, and more.

Off-Campus Employment

Residents with significant employment experience or residents who have succeeded in our job skills training may be ready to look for off-campus employment. Marbridge’s employment coordinators will assist them in selecting community employers that provide a safe environment, appropriate hours, and supportive management.  While residents must be able to function independently and safely in order to work in community-based jobs, the employment coordinators offer a variety of support to them in regard to communication between the resident employee, their families, and their supervisors.