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The Job Skills Class at Marbridge is a key component of our structured training program where potential candidates are considered based on their Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals determined by the resident, their family, and their community director.

The class is designed to teach general skills needed to be independent in the competitive employment environment Residents will be instructed on the importance of proper job etiquette, functional communication, conflict resolution, time management, and problem solving. The goal of jobs skills class is to provide an environment for the instructors to assess each individual’s strengths and aptitude in order to determine the type of employment that may be most appropriate for their skill set.

Marbridge job skills training differs from what most families may encounter through high school vocational programs or other care communities in that we do not provide job coaches that accompany residents to their jobs for hands-on instruction beyond their first few days of work. Residents must be independent in theeir abilities and be able to maintain employment with minimal assistance from Employment Coordinators.

A smiling young resident is seated at a desk typing on a laptop computer.
On-Campus Employment

Marbridge has many employment opportunities for residents on campus that can provide a variety of training opportunities and often serve as an integral step toward community-based employment. Residents may also choose to make campus employment a permanent option if working in the community does not fit their long-term goals.

For those who have limited work experience or are looking to enter the employment field for the first time, we require that most residents successfully complete the jobs skills program and secure oncampus employment for a previously determined amount of time before they are considered for jobs outside of the Marbridge community. This gives each individual an opportunity to make strides in accountability and gain minimum wage work experience that will help them to be more successful in their off-campus employment endeavors.

Off-Campus Employment

For residents that have significant employment experience or feel that they are ready to look into off campus work, Marbridge will assist them in selecting community employers that provide a safe environment, appropriate hours and supportive management after they have completed the job skills training class or a significant portion of the semester. While residents must be able to function independently and safely in order to work in community-based jobs, Marbridge Employment Coordinators offer a variety of support to them in regard to communication between the resident employee, their families, and their supervisors.