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Marbridge’s Updated COVID-19 Procedures And Response

Marbridge’s Updated COVID-19 Procedures and Response

Updated 12/21/20

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we highly acknowledge ‘facts over myths’, but bottom line is that Marbridge serves a medically vulnerable population and it’s our top priority to keep them safe under all circumstances. We ask that you follow the below protocols when working with our residents and planning travel. Our residents, particularly those at The Villa, are more susceptible to illness. We also know that anybody can be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus even if you aren’t showing signs or symptoms, so we ask that most importantly you exercise common sense when coming on campus and work hard not to expose anybody. These protocols are effective immediately.

Marbridge follows the recommendations and protocols established through CMS and Austin Public Health. These procedures can change frequently. For the the most up to date information on safety, policies, and procedures for your loved ones or future admissions, contact your director.

The Village – Will Hoermann– or 512.282.1144 ext. 2002
The Ranch –  Marcus Mercer –  or 512.282.1144 ext. 1160
The Villa – Duncan Murray –  or 512.282.1144 ext. 1501
Admissions – Jenna Hudson – or 512.282.1144 ext. 1204

Please note the updated information from Marbridge’s Senior Mangament Team, Directors, Dr. Liam Fry (Marbridge’s Medical Director), and a letter regarding employment from James Stacey, Marbridge’s President.

1)The Villa will exercise the most caution. All families of The Villa should refer to the latest updates provided by Duncan Murray and medical personnel for protocols.

2) No children are allowed on campus at this time. 

  • We understand that schools might be closing or extending Spring Break and this can put a stress on families. Due to the safety of our residents, no children will be allowed on campus.

3) No visitors are allowed on campus, including families.

  • The director of your care community will stay in close contact with you.
  • Please make sure to check your junk email folder so you don’t miss any communication from Marbridge.

4) Employees will have their temperatures taken two times every shift and have to answer the following questions. If their answer is “Yes”, their situation will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

  • In the last 14-days have you experienced any signs of respiratory gastric illness, or fever?
  • In the last 14-days has anyone in your household experienced any signs of respiratory, gastric illness, or fever not diagnosed as flu?
  • Have you been exposed to anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

5) Residents will be monitored to ensure safety and rapid interventions

6) Residents will not travel off-campus at this time.

  • We will only travel for emergency situations.
  • Each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis.

7) No resident will go to their off-campus employment at this time. Our employment coordinators will be in close communication with all off-campus employers.

8) ALL large group outings have been cancelled. We will work hard to have fun experiences on campus!

9) Large groups have been cancelled from coming onto campus for any reason.

10) The Camp House is closed to visitors at this time.

11) All church services have been suspended both on and off campus.

Keep your social distancing and volunteer with Marbridge at the same time!

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