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The Lodges at The Ranch receives passing inspection

This week, Marbridge is proud to announce that The Lodges at The Ranch have passed all necessary inspections and will open soon for residents to move in. The Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) were met and ensure access to facilities by people who have disabilities – this includes ADA requirements such as accessible parking, entrances, seating, restrooms, and signage.. The Travis County Fire Marshal has signed off on compliance with local fire codes, and the Texas Health and Human Services department has conducted their inspections, ensuring general building safety, fire safety, accessibility, and safety plans are in place and in compliance with assisted living licensure. With all required inspections completed, The Lodges at The Ranch is scheduled to open to residents next month.

Representing a new era of thoughtfully designed residential housing, The Lodges provide a homelike environment for residents of The Ranch community. Comprised of six new buildings, including four separate housing structures, The Lodges allows for a greater sense of community, with enhanced healthy spaces for both residents and staff. The Lodges adds 12 beds to The Ranch as well as an additional 20,000 square feet of living, office, and recreation space.

“This project would not have been possible without Scott McAvoy, Marbridge’s Executive Vice President,” said James Stacey, CEO. “From the beginning, Scott has been the visionary for this project, ensuring that everything from building to permitting to the needs of the residents are fully taken care of. Scott takes pride in every project he helps to oversee, but he does it in a way that allows each resident for which the space is a safe place that provides an engaging lifestyle and promotes happiness in every part of life.”

The Lodges wouldn’t be complete without the tireless efforts of the amazing BEC Austin crew, Scott Wilson, Jen Donovan, Eric Lloyd, and Leif Dove, our architect with Ryan Street and Associates, Eran Montoya, the civil engineers with Texas Engineering Solutions, Hank Smith and Judy Anderson, Jim Langford for his landscape design services, the Marbridge Board of Trustees, and the many donors and families that have made this expansion possible.

Thanks to all involved in this project, the residents that call Marbridge home will continue to have the opportunities to experience safety, well-being, and happiness in their new homes.

Stay tuned to Marbridge’s website, social media, and LifeLines for the dates and times to the official ribbon cutting.

The date of the ribbon cutting will be announced soon, but if you are interested in providing refreshments, helping to underwrite the cost of the event, or volunteering. Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Haley Koop at [email protected] or 512.282.1144 x1050.