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John is a bundle of energy, and a man who loves to be involved in everything happening at Marbridge. He is very active on the Marbridge Equestrian Team and especially enjoys participating in Special Olympics equestrian competitions. When John is on a horse his gait is fluid, and he moves with ease. Off the horse, John continues to gain benefits that equestrian therapy brings to improving balance and building core body strength. John also enjoys his pre-vocational training classes in the Marbridge Horticultural Therapy Center.  Once they master pre-vocational training, on-campus employment can provide a variety of additional training opportunities. With his busy schedule, John is always doing something, even when sitting. Just last year, he picked up another activity that helps him improve his fine motor skills. John learned to sew!

An alternative to group homes for adults with cerebral palsy.

Adulthood brings new challenges for families concerned about the health and quality of life of a loved one with cerebral palsy. Assisted living is a suitable option for adults with cerebral palsy who need help or supervision (such as medical assistance or guidance) but can manage most daily activities on their own. But when it comes to assisted living, quality of life issues are what concern families most. At Marbridge we provide a program of training, supervision and activities that directly address quality of life. That’s what makes Marbridge a viable alternative to group homes adults with cerebral palsy. The combination of a safe environment, engaging activities and training tailored to the needs of each individual provides an overall sense of well-being and satisfaction for the adults with cerebral palsy who live at Marbridge.

We provide an individualized program for adults with cerebral palsy.

Because no single adult with cerebral palsy is quite like another, our Individual Program Plan addresses each person’s unique abilities and attributes in designing a care program. This what makes Marbridge a special place for cerebral palsy adults and a viable alternative to group homes for cerebral palsy adults. Any program for adults with cerebral palsy must consider the type of training and activities needed to assist that person in reaching his or her goals. Our residential care for adults with cerebral palsy is tailored to their needs and interests.

Life skills training; training and placement into jobs for adults with cerebral palsy.

From tips on grooming, to fitness and exercise—residents with cerebral palsy receive a variety of life-skills-based training. Marbridge offers training in shopping, cooking, money management, healthy eating choices and much more. The goal of Life Skills training is to enable residents to reach the highest level of personal independence possible in their daily routines.

Residents with cerebral palsy who desire employment are often enrolled in Job Skills Training. They learn the importance of staying on task, arriving at work on time, taking directions and adopting appropriate behaviors in an employment setting. Residents develop resume writing and interviewing skills and learn to set goals for the type of employment desired.