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Marbridge Resident Needs During COVID-19

Marbridge Resident Needs During COVID-19

Keep your social distancing and volunteer with Marbridge at the same time! We’re in need of a few items during this COVID-19 situation and we need your help to make this happen. With new protocols in place, this thriving and active community can’t have visitors and our residents can’t go off campus.

We need your uplifting cards filled with jokes, pictures, etc., sent to our campus. If you or one of your kids is willing to be a pen pal, even better!

Do you have a fun activity that your family is enjoying during this Coronacation? Consider sending the same activity to our campus for our residents to experience the same joy. See below for suggestions and links to AmazonSmile. This can be a scary time for the general public and our amazing staff are working hard to help calm fears and keep the individuals who call Marbridge home feel safe, engaged, and healthy.

Send any letters, cards, or activities to:

c/o Becca McPherson
P.O. Box 2250
Manchaca, TX 78652

Items below with *asterisks may be new or gently owned. Items on the list may also be purchased from 3rd party retail outlets. 

Highest Priority Needs

High Priority Needs

Activity Needs

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