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Summer fun for Troop 1953

It’s been a busy summer for the Boy Scouts of Troop 1953. Between holiday celebrations, outings, and first aid trainings, it’s safe to say Troop 1953 continues receiving a well-rounded Boy Scout experience.

The scouts celebrated Independence Day with the newly established Marbridge Girl Scout Troop and our neighbors at the Shady Hollow Parade, tossing beads and beach balls from our float. Our good friends from Troop 256 even coordinated a concessions tent benefiting Troop 1953 – thank you Troop 256!

Next up was a trip to the LBJ National Historic Park, a working ranch and living farm. Our scouts spent the day touring the Texas White House, but the highlight of the day was a Court of Honor along the Pedernales River. During the Court, Scouts were awarded the Rank of Tenderfoot, Environmental Science Merit Badge, and several souvenir patches from outings.

A couple of our Scouts were unable to attend the outing so a second Court of Honor was held on the lawn of Village Cottage #9 on the Marbridge Campus.

Troop 1953 is now working toward earning their CPR/AED/FA certification from the American Red Cross – and the First Aid merit badge. The troop is fortunate to have a built-in instructor and a firefighter. Several members of the Troop also received the chance to showcase their skills for The Villa Silver Fox Patrol and assist the Marbridge Girl Scout Troop in earning their First Aid badge.

Troop 1953 has taken full advantage of the summer months and truly embraced the scouting values of good conduct, respect for others, and honesty.