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A smiling man with a white beard and glasses holding a spoon and napkin.

A Home to Residents for Life – Donate to the Benevolent Care Match

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Older man in a red shirt with glasses next to text about the Benevolent Care Match program.
Benevolent Care Match.

Help allow Marbridge to continue being a home to residents for life with the Benevolent Care Match. Every dollar raised for Benevolent Care by June 30, 2022, will be matched 2:1 thanks to the generosity of a Marbridge family. 

Help us meet our match of $240,000 and keep the Benevolent Care Fund fulfilled for 2022. 

Use the form on this page to make your donation and select Benevolent Care Fund. Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way in allowing a resident to continue to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life. 

What is Benevolent Care?

Marbridge has a unique population. Unique in the sense that we care for adults with a variety of cognitive and developmental disabilities, but also unique in the tenure of the residents. Over a dozen residents on campus have lived and thrived and Marbridge for over 50 years. Those residents have seen the vast change to campus since it started in 1953 and have stories they share. Some of those residents also have seen family members and loved ones pass.

If a loved one or guardian passes and is no longer able to assist with their loved one’s tuition, Marbridge’s Benevolent Care goes into action to ensure that resident will remain living the life they’ve been living since they moved to campus. Benevolent Care offsets the cost of tuition and allows a resident to continue to excel, but doesn’t take away from their daily life.

“Residents receiving Benevolent Care are offered opportunities to continue a fun and engaging life here on campus without being excluded from opportunities due to their financial circumstances,” said Marcus Mercer, Director of The Ranch. “They don’t go without. Birthdays and holidays are still celebrated and they continue to participate in extracurricular actives such as Special Olympics sponsorship, festivals, sporting events, and camping trips to name a few. Aside from the fun activities, their medical needs are also met.”

Currently about 15 residents receive support for tuition through Benevolent Care. Many of those residents also receive financial support through Marbridge’s Scholarship Endowment, but the scholarship only covers a percentage of the tuition. The Endowment Scholarship and Benevolent Care are similar in that they help fund tuition but differ in one big area.

“Benevolent Care is a real time donation for residents who may no longer have the financial support to pay their tuition,” said Scott McAvoy, Executive Vice President. “Say if someone donated $50,000 to Benevolent Care, we can use that money right now to help assist the residents in need. If someone makes that same donation to the Scholarship Endowment, we can’t use it right now. We can only use the interest off the principle. Marbridge is different because we get more scholarships through Benevolent Care donations than most residential communities like us. We’re hopeful to grow both our Benevolent Care funding and Endowment Scholarships.”

A resident who receives Benevolent Care will never have to leave Marbridge due to financials. They’re ensured to continue to learn, experience, and achieve without concern over their costs being covered. That’s thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters. With that support, both in our mission and through financial backing, the residents will thrive for years to come.

A smiling man with a white beard and glasses holding a spoon and napkin.
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