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St. Stephen’s Presents: The Story of Marbridge Prom

The students of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin have grown close to Marbridge residents over the past few years through the volunteer work they have done on and off campus. This year, residents were looking forward to prom in late March hosted by the students of St. Stephen’s. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, prom wasn’t able to happen.

That setback didn’t stop the students of St. Stephen’s from sending a little prom surprise to the residents. That surprise came in the form of a story titled: “The Story of
Marbridge Prom.”

The story, told by students of St. Stephen’s, has been a big hit with the residents and we are sharing the heartwarming story with you. The residents can’t wait to celebrate prom next year with the students and to dance the night away!

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