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Watch the 2020 Marbridge Games

Marbridge hosted the 1st ever Marbridge Games on campus with over 50 Longhorns athletes competing in four sports. The Marbridge Games were held after all of the Spring Special Olympics competitions in Texas were cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Longhorns athletes competed against each other in Track and Field, Basketball, Equestrian, and Cycling events with medals and ribbons being awarded to the athletes.

We filmed and edited the competitions, which you can watch below. The Track and Field events include 50M Dash, 100M Dash, Softball Toss, Javelin, and Standing Long Jump. You can watch our Skills competition in basketball, and 5k and 1k races in cycling. Lastly you can watch our two day equestrian competition that includes Western Equitation, Trail Riding, and the Barrel Race.

Equestrian Day 1


Skills Basketball

Equestrian Day 2

Track and Field