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How You Can Make Masks For Marbridge Staff

Marbridge staff members across campus are wearing medical masks to remain healthy during the current outbreak. As you are aware, disposable masks have gone on allocation and have become harder to find for purchase. Marbridge staff must reuse cloth face masks donated by members of the community when on campus.


To ensure that masks are laundered appropriately, each essential worker needs to have three reusable masks kept on campus. These masks will be cleaned after each shift.


There are many patterns available throughout the internet to follow, but the the recommendations below have been the most helpful for our use:


1) We need small, medium, and large sizes.

2) No opening to put in another mask is needed. Please don’t have any openings.

3) Bias tape or cloth ties are the most comfortable for sustained use. No elastic please.

4) If possible, use a type of interfacing that is not flannel, or don’t use interfacing. Flannel tends to retain moisture and we do not want that.

5) A fitted nose area or wire for the nose is much appreciated, especially for employees who wear glasses.

6) Masks made using single stitching are falling a part quickly. Due to the constant washing needed to keep masks clean and sanitary, double or french stitching is holding up much better.


Masks can be mailed directly to Marbridge or dropped off at Marbridge’s Welcome Center only.


Marbridge Foundation
2310 Bliss Spillar Rd.
Manchaca, TX 78652

This gift of time and materials is much appreciated!

Above: Donated masks from Make-A-Mask Austin
Below: Masks made by Marbridge staff member Carol Johnston.