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Marbridge Memories

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For the last 67 years, Marbridge has provided transitional and lifetime care to adults with a wide range of cognitive disabilities.

265 residents call Marbridge home with some of them living at Marbridge for many years. Three residents have called Marbridge home for over 60 years.  Nearly a dozen residents have lived here for over 50 years. 

We sat down with some of our long tenure residents to talk about some of their early memories. Residents also talked about their favorite things about living at Marbridge and how much it’s changed. 

We also surprised Coach Hughie Shaw with a special video from staff and residents. Residents shared their thoughts, stories, and favorite things about Coach Hughie.

Hughie has been with Marbridge for 29 years. He spearheaded Marbridge’s Special Olympics programs and has worked with nearly every resident for three decades.