A Program Helping Those With Traumatic Brain Injury: Meet Doug

A tragic automobile accident changed Doug’s life forever, but his traumatic brain injury did not erase his long-term memories, including his fluency in Spanish. Doug lives at The Village at Marbridge and the staff works with him in developing strategies and tools to overcome his short-term memory challenges. Through the Individual Program Plan analysis at Marbridge, the staff and Doug devised a solution to incorporate a smart phone and other technologies that help with Doug’s short-term memory loss. Today, Doug successfully keeps up with his busy schedule of training and activities with great independence. A friend to everyone he meets at Marbridge, Doug is widely known for his “killer smile” that he freely shares with all. Doug is also well known for always having his trusty day planner with him at all times, another tool to success.

The Ranch and The Village: an alternative to group homes for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury results in vast challenges to individuals and their families, and many face the difficulty in finding quality care and quality of life post injury. Assisted living is a suitable option for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury who can manage most daily activities on their own but do require some help or supervision. And when considering assisted living options, quality of life issues often concern families. The Ranch and The Village at Marbridge both provide training programs, daily supervision and life enrichment activities that directly address quality of life. These programs are what make Marbridge a viable alternative to group homes for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury. The combination of a safe environment, engaging activities and training tailored to the needs of each individual person provide an overall sense of well-being and satisfaction for the adults with Traumatic Brain Injury who live at Marbridge.

When Marbridge is a good fit for the adult with Traumatic Brain Injury, an Individual Program Plan is created.

Any program for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury must evaluate if the training and care they provide are a good fit for the individual with Traumatic Brain Injury. Because no single adult with Traumatic Brain Injury is quite like another, Marbridge closely examines whether the types of training and activities needed are available before admitting new residents.

Life Skills training and job placement for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury.

From grooming tips to fitness and exercise objectives, residents with Traumatic Brain Injury receive a variety of life-skills-based training at Marbridge. Training courses include cooking, money management, shopping, healthy eating choices and many more. The goal of Life Skills training is to enable residents to reach the highest level of personal independence possible in their daily routines.
Employment training and personal enrichment courses have been provided by Marbridge since it was founded in 1953. In 2001, a more structured training program was developed that integrated education, socialization, recreation, independent living skills and employment instruction. This training program now serves more than 160 residents in The Ranch and The Village communities. Residents with Traumatic Brain Injury who desire employment are enrolled in Job Skills Training. They learn the importance of staying on task, arriving at work on time, taking directions and adopting appropriate behaviors in an employment setting. Residents develop resume writing and interviewing skills and learn to set goals for the type of employment desired.

An experience similar to college for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury.

For adults with Traumatic Brain Injury who are graduating from high school, Marbridge can provide a college-like experience. The training schedule is organized into semesters and is based on each resident’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals. Often, Job Skills training is identified within the top five goals identified in all IPP’s. This specific training is offered only to residents who list employment as one of their achievable goals because the job skills training at Marbridge is not a traditional job coach program where a job coach accompanies the individual and stands by them all day. Our program trains residents to be independent employees. At Marbridge, we believe young people with Traumatic Brain Injury can become self-determining adults, capable of competing—and winning—in the competitive workplace. Time and again, they prove us right.