Life is good at Marbridge! Our Life Enrichment activities provide a wide variety of opportunities designed to improve health through spiritual and emotional needs, reinforce optimal leisure time use, encourage adventure and connection and more, all with the ultimate goal of adding joy and depth to life.


While they may choose to take time to sit back and relax, it’s safe to say our residents have an abundance of options on campus. An important component of Marbridge’s training program is helping residents learn how to select and practice effective enrichment, leisure and wellness activities, both individually and in groups.

Daily schedules includes opportunities for exercise, rain or shine. Weather in Austin often allows of daily walking, cycling and hiking around the safe streets of the campus. Residents can enjoy individual and group exercise classes in Victory Hall and The Mike Parsons Wellness Center, swim in the heated pool (when supervised), play softball, gather in the community recreation rooms, or participate in the equine program.

Studies show that leisure training promotes good health and increases self-esteem so these areas are included in the development of the individual’s IPP which is reviewed in designing their schedule. Leisure training is a vital part of the training offered at Marbridge. Whether residents walk, bike, garden or play sports, the general idea is to encourage them to learn to use their leisure time to improve overall health, vitality and enjoyment of life.

Some Wellness and Exercise classes include: Cardio • Gardening • General Art • Equine Therapy • Glass Art • Swimming • Bocce • Bowling • Hoops • Elder Sports • Weight Training • Flag Football • Walking • Yoga • Horticulture Therapry • Shape-Up—Dance for Exercise • Zumba

Life enrichment is supported campus through art and emotional wellness opportunities. The staff encourages and assists residents as they schedule their leisure time and plan for class activities. Taking advantage of great weather means walking and cycling around campus and enjoying the beauty of Marbridge’s rural environment. Painting or handcrafts in the art studio during class time develops creativity and fine motor skills while also enriching math and organizational abilities. Participating in the traditional Christmas program at Marbridge includes practicing and rehearsing outside of the regular daily schedule, singing songs and learning about the meaning of Christmas, and results in the reward of being a part of a successful performance. Marbridge choral groups tap into the musical side or playing an instrument in the rhythm band is a great emotional and physical outlet. The care centers directors, resident trainers and instructors work together to help each resident find the right blend of work, training and leisure time.

Some Art activities and classes include: General Art • Painting • Glass Art • Scrapbooking • Photography • Gardening • Horticulture Therapy • Nature & Fishing • General Art • World Travelers • Drama • Choir • Fabric Art • Soundtracks for Understanding • Email & Letter Writing • Individual & Group Therapy • Ceramics

Team and individual sports are popular with many residents, no matter their age, and we love it because they combine fun and exercise while teaching the importance of teamwork, accountability. Team sports also develop leadership and interpersonal skills. Marbridge organizes many teams of various ability levels that permit more than 100 residents to compete in Texas Special Olympics. Marbridge’s unified softball team comprised of residents, staff and local community members competes in Special Olympics Texas events as well as an Austin City League. Participation in Special Olympics activities is a major motivator and morale boost for many Marbridge residents. Competitions provide opportunities for additional leisure skill training as well as learning to handle the rewards and disappointments of competition.

Some Team and Individual Sports include: Softball • Swimming • Basketball • Equine • Bocce • Golf • Bowling • Flag Football • Track & Field


We love exploring our fabulous Austin and often venture out further! When we’re not busy on the Marbridge campus, we’re off touring the rest of the world accompanied by staff, volunteers, family members and friends. Residents enjoy a wide variety of supervised community activities including:

  • Watching athletic events at the University of Texas and local high schools
  • Attending professional athletic events in Austin, Dallas, and Houston
  • Making trips around Austin for dining, shopping for personal items
  • Enjoying community activities such as music, arts, and food festivals
  • Attending weekly worship service at several local churches
  • Visiting performing arts concerts and Austin’s highly respected museums
  • Bay fishing, deep-sea fishing, and sightseeing at the Gulf Coast
  • Taking big vacations to places such as the Grand Canyon, Disney World, Fiesta Texas, or a Caribbean Cruise