Independent & Semi-independent Living at Marbridge

Fifteen upscale cottages form The Village community at Marbridge. As our most independent community, The Village offers independent and semi-independent living for 90 adults with intellectual disabilities, providing them the opportunity to learn, experience and achieve their life’s goals. Upon arrival at Marbridge, each resident works with their family members and Marbridge staff to create an Individual Program Plan (IPP) to set his/her own goals. Residents are encouraged to make choices that help to improve their life skills, independence, and build self-esteem. Each resulting IPP includes training, work, and leisure opportunities that reflect the resident’s desires and interests. Training opportunities may include life skills classes such as Healthy Eating Choices, or academic skills such as Money Math. Life enrichment classes may include swimming, art, choir, drama or equestrian therapy.

Village residents enjoy dining with friends in the spacious community center dining room. Many residents work in the surrounding Austin community and utilize public transportation to travel to and from work, and for outings with Marbridge friends. A large number of Village residents participate in Special Olympics sports, and all Village residents make proactive choices that challenge and improve their life skills, social skills, leisure and recreation skills as well as their work skills.

Residents who live in The Village independent cottages enjoy a high degree of autonomy, including planning, shopping and cooking their own meals. Yet they still benefit from the highly supervised and safe environment of the Marbridge community.