Stock the Lodges

You can continue your support of Marbridge by helping to Stock-the-Lodges.

Scheduled for move-in this December, The Lodges add 20,000 square feet of additional living, office, and recreation space to The Ranch. This new space also adds twelve additional beds, adding more rooms to furnish.

Construction funding is already raised, but we need your help to complete this project with furniture, window coverings, landscaping, and a security system.

Want to make an even greater impact? Connect us with businesses, individuals, and foundations who can donate or help alleviate some of the costs.


The Lodges at the Ranch will offer an updated, healthier environment, increasing resident capacity from 78 to 90, providing a home for 12 additional individuals. We need help making The Lodges feel like home. Help us Stock the Lodges!

  • Bedrooms: $1,618 each
  • Dining Rooms: $3,500 per lodge 
  • Living Rooms : $4,578 per lodge
  • Media/TV Rooms: $4,450 per lodge
  • Wall hangings, lamps, rugs: $10,000 per lodge
  • Window coverings/treatments: $7,500
  • IT/Phone/Cables/Computer/Security for entire Lodges Campus: $52,902
  • Furniture for reception area: $10,000
  • Conference room: $5,500
  • Office furniture: $17,500 (Director, Assistant Director, Administrative Assistant, Nurse’s office, Doctor exam room, etc.)
  • Furniture for Activity Recreation Center: $10,000

    Click here to access the full wishlist cost breakdown.